Important Thing to Look When Choosing Hot Air Brush

Hot air brush functions to form bangs and ends of hair while drying hair. Currently, several leading electronics manufacturers are involved in producing hot air brushes. However, the various forms and functions of hot air brushes will certainly confuse you when buying. For that, in this article, we will explain how to choose a hot air brush for short hair. When buying a hot air brush, there are several important points that you must pay attention to.

One of the most important parts of a hot airbrush is the brush itself as it will affect your hairstyle. Since the ability of each product to produce hairstyles is not the same, please choose the product that suits you the most!

Type 360 ​​° brush for healthy hair and not easily tangled
The 360 ​​° brush type is recommended for those of you who want to create a curl effect on hair. The advantages of this type are ease of use and long-lasting curls. If you have long hair, you can also curl your hair by rolling it from the ends of your hair to the roots. However, the downside to this type of brush is that the hair gets caught in the comb more easily. For that, if you have dense hair or hair that frizzes easily, you should not use this type.

Half brush type for natural curls
If you want a more natural curl, go for the half brush type comb. The heat that this comb gives off is only from one side so it doesn’t give off excess heat and reduces the risk of hair damage. The drawback, this type of comb is not suitable for those of you who want a long-lasting curl effect. If your hair is using straightening products or you have a smooth and sleek hair type, use hair styling products to maintain the curly effect.

Image Product Details   Price
URWILL -One-Step Hair Dryer Brush
-Fast Drying
-Humanized Design
-Variety Using
-Ideal Gift Choice
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Chignon – Hair Dryer Brush with Multifunction
-Negative Ion Hot Air Comb
-Unique Oval Design
-2 Speed and 3 Temperature Setting
-Ergonomic Design & Easy to Use
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Compare Pros & Cons Conair 2-in-1


  • Features 2 heat settings as well as a cool setting
  • 2-inch barrel is also great when styling longer hair
  • Has anti-static and tangle-free brush bristles
  • The brush rotates in all directions
  • It has a removable filter for protecting motor life


  • Airflow is quite light
  • Thick brush diameter somewhat inhibits curling hair on some users

Hot air brush prices vary widely. This depends on the difference in design and the company that produces it. However, among them, the differences in features and functionality are the main things that affect the price. Hot air brushes are a consumable item so you should replace them once the product starts showing signs of engine wear. So, if you use a hot air brush every day, your consideration should not be on function, but on the price of the item. Conversely, if you only use the hot air brush at certain times, you should consider the advantages of its function and ease when used. It aims to produce the beautiful hairdo you want as if you just came out of the salon.

VIBOOS 3 in 1 Pink Lighter Styler, Hair Dryer & Volumizer
The use of nylon and tufted in the bristles allows it to untangle hair and add control to the hair. So, for those of you who have problems with tangled hair, this product is the solution! In addition, the brush design which is oval in shape was created to smoothen and add volume to the hair.

Prizm 5-in-1 Curling Iron
If you have to attend an important event, this hot air brush is a great choice! This product uses a ceramic barrel that dries your hair faster and makes your hair waves last longer. This product is also equipped with a soft handle so it is comfortable to use.

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