Choosing a Hot Air Brush That Is Right For You

If you use a hot air brush after shampooing or after using hair styling products, it is advisable to choose a product with a power of around 700 watts so that it can be used as a dryer. If you choose a product with a power ranging from 500 watts, it is feared that your hair will not be able to dry optimally because the power is less. So, please choose a hot air brush for short hair that suits your usage. Here are some hot air brush options for you:

Hot Air Brush with ION Generator Belita Amy
This hot air brush is equipped with an auto shut off security feature so that it can automatically turn off after a while of not being used. So, if you prioritize safety or often forget to turn off your electronic devices, this product is a must-have! With its rotating capability, this hot air brush can produce wavy hair that is more shapely and shiny to the ends. In addition, this product has three heat settings that can be adjusted according to the condition of your hair. Practical, right?

Hair Dryer Brush Set INGLAM
This hot air brush can do three different hairdos in one comb, such as curly, volume, and straight. So, this product is perfect for your hobby of changing your hairdo every day without having to worry about damaging your hair. This hot air brush is equipped with a cooling button that will circulate cool air to the hair and scalp to keep it moisturized. The brush head is also washable so there is no build-up of dirt after using it.

Image Product Details   Price
Aleath Hair Dryer Brush -Multifunction
-Advanced Tech
-Saving time
-Unique Design
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JOMARTO Hot Air Brush -3-IN-1 hair care styling tool
-Ergonomic sesign
-3 intensity settings
-Safe and reliable
-Attention Please
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Compare Pros & Cons John Friedas Hot Airs Brush


  • The ceramic and titanium barrel is light in weight
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Has two heat settings plus one dry setting
  • Has movement freedom due to its cord swivels


  • Not suitable for extremely wet hair
  • The end gets hot when on high heat setting

Since hot air brushes generate heat from a short distance, hair is prone to breakage. In fact, in some cases, the hair can get damaged even more every time you use a hot air brush. For that, choose products that do not damage the hair as much as possible even though it is often used. The hot air brush that you will choose should have a negative ion function. With this function, these products can treat, shape, and at the same time give the hair a unified look. The volume of air that is too strong will facilitate the delivery of heat so that it will make the hair easily damaged. If this happens, the negative ion features will not have any effect.

If possible, choose a hot air brush that has a cold air function because it protects the hair cuticles. A hot air brush with this function is also suitable for styling because it gives a shiny effect to the hair. The cold air function is also effective for maintaining your hairstyle for a long time. It is recommended to use the cold air function when your hairdo with warm water is almost 90% complete.

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